Dalla Valle

Mia Klein is a Californian winemaker and entrepreneur in Napa. Her career has spanned decades in the food and wine industry. Before studying enology at the University of California, Davis, Klein was a professional chef in San Francisco. Mentored by well-known winemaker Tony Soter, Klein has made wine for several critically acclaimed wineries including Chappellet Winery, Araujo Estate Wines, Viader, Spottswoode, Dalla Valle Vineyard and Robert Pepi. After graduating from Davis, she worked at Chappellet Winery under winemaker Cathy Corison. In the early 1980s she became assistant winemaker. After Chappellet, she worked at Robert Pepi Winery and met Tony Soter. Soter and Klein would go start a consulting business, providing services numerous Napa Valley wineries. Klein also worked at Dalla Valle Vineyard. She replaced winemaker Heidi Peterson Barrett at Dalla Valle. She is the winemaker for Boyanci and Cimarossa Vineyards, and has provided consulting services to Palmaz Vineyards, Spottswoode, Viader and cult wine label Araujo. Soter left the consulting business in 1999 and Klein continues to consult.