Patience may not come naturally for 4th generation winemaker Paola Lanzavecchia but she is certainly a woman of passion and persistence. Paola accepts that “the land gives the rhythm” and sets the pace for winemaking. The soaring hills of Serralunga d’Alba in Piemonte, in the north of Italy, provide the gentle yet busy rhythm to Paola’s life at Villadoria winery. Founded in 1959 by her grandfather Pietro, Villadoria is located in the heart of Barolo. The family’s estate, Tenuta Cappalloto, is nestled in the western hills of Serralunga d’Alba. Barolo from this region is celebrated for its exceptional quality. Villadoria is known for the classic style of the wines they produce from the grapes grown on their 20 hectares of vineyards that are planted primarily with Nebbiolo. A graduate of the University of Turin with a degree in Agriculture (Winemaking & Oenology), Paola is very much in charge of day-to-day operations but her father is a valued partner and she affectionately refers to him as the “Lion King.” She has successfully implemented forward-thinking sustainability practices. Paola balances her passion for innovation with respect for tradition so that the quality and style of Villadoria wines are never compromised.